About Happy Cub Technologies

Happy Cub Technologies (HCT) was founded on the premise of providing elite-level, outcome-based solutions and advisory consulting to small and medium businesses to maximize innovation and save cost.

Our partners have been hand-picked through a network of business relationships that were nurtured over the past forty years. We leverage trusted partnerships and treat every client organization as if it was our own.

We are a solutions-oriented company with the capability to translate business and customer-defined technology requirements into streamlined solutions that save cost while also saving time.

Why We're Different

We leverage combat and business leadership principles along with years of experience in the information technology arena to frame our outcomes-based approach.

  • Company built on Vision and Trust: Veteran, privately owned business, with no higher board of directors. We are a company built on trust and relationships.
  • The best and brightest in the industry: 100% of the team holds advanced cybersecurity certifications.
  • Military Backgrounds: Our leadership has extensive military experience. We plan for all scenarios and through the art of strategic thinking, think beyond the problem at hand.
  • Well Rounded: The team understands security, automation, and IT operations providing maximum flexibility to exceed business outcomes.
  • Education Focused: Happy Cub Technologies values life-long learning and prides itself on educating the public on the importance of pragmatic business solutions.